About Us

It's probably safe to say that we've all heard the famous words of Benjamin Franklin, that "time is money" and "lost time is never found again." Cottage Hill Closings was created with your time in mind.  

As a licensed realtor, it was a struggle to find closing gifts that were thoughtful, personal, and appreciative of the customer that entrusted me with the task of finding their new home. I spent countless hours, days, and even weeks to find the perfect closing gift. It is due to this frustration, that Cottage Hill Closings came to fruition as an online store that will serve as a one stop shop for customers to locate and purchase housewarming and closings gifts with just the click of a finger.  

When shopping with Cottage Hill Closings, you will easily find the perfect gift in an organized format that will save your time, energy, and money.  A gift from Cottage Hill Closings will convey welcome and thank you all at the same time!